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Dani Dracaena

Dani Dracaena

by Dannielle Johnson (Teacher) -
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It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that Dani Dracaena, former student, teacher, and headmistress of the Magickal Circle School, has passed from this realm. 

Those who remember Dani knew her to be an active and accomplished student and teacher. She became the “owner of TMCS” when Colleen retired.  With the other teachers, they established a Board of Headmistresses and worked tirelessly to save the school from a broken website and build a new legacy.

Dani was a warrior of the Norse Path and worked as a model, dancer, and a fierce advocate of the proper care and ownership of exotic animals. She worked with reptiles and invertebrates professionally and often incorporated them in her practice.  She often photographed them and was photographed with them in performances she did with her fiancé in their troupe called Dracaenic Apocryphos. Specializing in theatrical ritual performances they combined dance, theatrical effects, and ritual elements into beautiful performance art. She also proudly performed in a world-renowned masquerade called Theatre Bizarre.

She and her fiancé Ragnar were active in the festival community attending, researching, teaching, and sharing their magick with others.  This is a huge loss to our community.  May she be wrapped in the arms of her ancestors and drink the mead from the halls of Valhalla! 

We are uncertain of any specifics and will pass more information about how to help the family if you are so inclined. 

Edit: The family is accepting donations via a cash app - $skidogme
Her fiance is Ragnar Dracaena - Facebook page

Elledani Dracaena Memorial Fund - GoFundMe LINK: