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New TMCS Orientation Course

New TMCS Orientation Course

by Dannielle Johnson (Teacher) -
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Happy Saturday!

Guess what we did? We have listened to all the feedback and have written a new TMCS Orientation Course...

YEP, just one class now.

This weekend, we are beginning to move Orientation students over to this new class. So, be prepared to see a flurry of activity!

This will begin today with current O101 students being added to the new course. This means dual-enrollment and you will be able to see both classes in your dashboard. If you have submitted assignments in the current course you will be able to copy and paste from the current class into the new class, and we will grade you through quickly so you are caught up to wherever you have left off.

Next, we will be moving the O102 students over. This will roll out a little differently since you have already successfully completed the O101 class. Your assignments will be unlocked one by one as we process one person at a time. Please look at your dashboard to see this change for you. You will be dual-enrolled for a time, so we can double-check everyone has been properly added.

We will offer this to O103 students, but think since you have come so far, we will just edit some of the most relevant changes right into the O103 class instead of moving you over to a new one.
If you are waiting for a grade, give us til Monday to either contact you about being moved over or to get graded in your current place.

Thank you for your feedback and all the suggestions. We hope that finally, we have the right Orientation for our Magickal School!