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Student Advisory Board - Applications

Student Advisory Board - Applications

by Dannielle Johnson (Teacher) -
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The Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is a group of students elected by their peers to address issues of concern, aid in the orientation of new students, and to organize student events and activities to increase the social opportunities to all school members.

Student Advisory Board members serve as stewards of democracy within the organization of The Magickal Circle School – TMCS.

What is the purpose of the Student Advisory Board?

The purpose of the Student Advisory Board (The Board) is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the Student Advisory Board is the voice of the student body. All Members of the Student Advisory Board serve as responsible partners for the actions and success of the student body of TMCS.

What are the responsibilities of a Student Advisory Board member?

The Student Advisory Board (The Board) members help share students' ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school council members. The Board helps to run the Student Affairs department. This department is committed to supporting members of the Magickal Circle School in their academic and personal development. The department is tasked with helping all students feel supported and capable of reaching their full potential.

This department works to guides students through understanding TMCS policy and procedures, how to best navigate the school, issues concerning adapting to the school expectations for assignments and participation, as well as providing a structure for growth including an action plan for courses to take to meet each member's individual needs.

The Board serves as an intermediary for student issues and concerns. They offer counsel and will help solve each issue or direct the concern to the proper person that can offer a resolution. The Board ensures that all communication throughout the school is open, constructive, and free from any prejudices or retribution no matter the level of concern or issue.

The Board works to improve our school by planning and oversight of all social, community, cultural, and other extracurricular school events. They aid all club administrators in the promotion of the clubs and bring forth any questions, concerns, or feedback bridging the gap of information between students and any leadership of TMCS. The Board also works to ensure that all club policies and procedures are fair and uniform across the school.

They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping members in need and school reform.

School Need

School need is defined by the limits of available funds to purchase items needed for classes. This includes textbooks for any classes that require them. The textbook would be procured through Amazon and shipped to the student directly.

For other items needed, The Board will determine the best avenue to fulfill this need and help our members attend without limits to their experience. It is our goal to be able to maintain a truly FREE school without limits based on economic status. This includes supplies or class-specific assignments being revised or addressed.

Election Process

Student Advisory Board (The Board) nominees are selected from applications submitted by potential candidates, confirmed by The Council to be active students in good standing based on records and grades. The nominations are confirmed by the nominees and listed in the Monthly announcements as candidates.

The voting process will be via email to the TMCS Phoenix Council Members –

This is tallied by vote only and is maintained as a secret ballot. The emailed vote is held until all votes have been received to verify that the vote has been cast by a currently enrolled student and that each student has only voted once.


Sample Ballots

Name of Candidate:


Nomination for Representative(s):

*To be the voice of my community, culture, or country to broaden the content from US-based to extend our global community.

**Questions or concerns to be addressed:

My Name at the school (for verification purposes only):


Roles and Responsibilities:

Student Advisory Board (The Board) positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Representatives.


The President:

  • Running the Student Advisory Board so all actions and activities are within the bounds of policy and procedure of TMCS.

  • Organize the information received and presented to TMCS Teachers and the TMCS Phoenix Council Members (The Council).

  • Acts as the representative of the Student Body when meeting with The Council and/ or Teaching Staff.

  • Helps create and organize the policy and procedures for the Student Affairs department. 

  • Advise and aid in implementing new rules, protocols, or structure for TMCS that serves our members' best interests.

  • Sets the agenda for meetings and schedules a minimum of 1 (one) monthly meeting.

  • Appointing school representatives to aid in the Student Affairs department and support positions as defined in the first official Student Advisory Board meeting with The Council.

  • Presentation of information to The Council for the removal of members.

  • Participates heavily in student activities.


The Vice-President:

  • Fulfills the duties of the President when the President is absent.

  • Performs the duties assigned by the President.

  • Helps the President create and organize the policy and procedures for the Student Affairs department.

  • In charge of managing student club organization and representing club leaders when meeting with The Council and/or the Teaching Staff.


The Secretary:

  • Takes minutes/notes of each meeting to be posted in the Welcome Center for all school members viewing.

  • Keeps good records of all discussions and decisions made by the Board and feedback from The Council and/or the Teaching Staff.

  • Takes attendance and communicates all business to The Council.

  • Verifies all school calendar events are properly listed and promoted

  • Responsible for all sign-up lists and volunteer rosters.

  • Manages files and important documents. 

  • Helps the President create and organize the policy and procedures for the Student Affairs department.


The Treasurer:

  • Reports all TMCS business, income and expenses for the month.

  • Establishes and maintains the budgets for each approved project and event.

  • All financial statements and disclosures shared with the secretary for reporting with the monthly minutes/notes including project and fundraising accounts.

  • Collects all information for proposed events and projects, to present to the Board and the Council for approval.

  • Maintains the inventory of property owned or allocated monthly.

  • Helps the President create and organize the policy and procedures for the Student Affairs department.



  • Selected to be the voice for a country, culture, or community.

  • Invited to attend all Student Advisory Board meetings to represent the students' voices and current needs, issues, concerns, or other pressing matters to be addressed.

  • To communicate any and all information to The Board so TMCS policies, content, and social offerings are inclusive and properly represent all members.

  • Aid TMCS in becoming a truly global community by offering feedback and counsel on the needs and specifics to reach each member, both current and future.

  • Helps the President create and organize the policy and procedures for the Student Affairs department, as needed.

If interested in applying for one of these Student Advisory Board positions please fill out the application and send it to 

**Election Committee is the full teaching staff of TMCS.

Application LINK: