This is the office of the Mentor Program Coordinators for program management and file storage. 

What is the Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program is a support system for the Magickal Circle School - TMCS.  Within the program, we have two key roles: the Mentor or Mentor in Training (MIT) and the Mentee.

The Mentor is someone who has completed a leadership training program within TMCS and is volunteering their time to help students who struggle. Each mentor offers a hosted school-wide study session, twice a month. In addition to providing that service, they also work one-on-one with mentees that like using “the buddy system” to be sure they are finding the right information or understanding how the school works for their specific goals or needs.

Mentor Rules and Application

The Mentee is a TMCS student that has applied to the program to be matched to a mentor of their own.  The needs of the mentee are individual and can range from help with interpreting what an assignment means or is asking for, helping the student find good sources, avoid plagiarism, navigate the school, join the TMCS community, and even to how to plan for future classes.

Mentee Rules and Application 

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