This is the final class in the Basic Chakras Series. It is totally hands-on and personalized experience.  You will be focusing on one chakra per week for several activities and spend a final week focusing on how to tune-up all chakras at once. This class is designed to be completed in 8 (eight) weeks however, you may work at your own pace. You will work with meals, baths, oil blends, incense, and charts for each chakra as well as a total chakra system alignment project, gemstone balancing, planning a chakra sabbat meal, writing a guided meditation for chakra tune-ups, and making a chakra shrine or altar. 


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To enroll, please contact Luna Maris at

Items Needed:
  • Gemstones for each Chakra
  • Items to make bath salts (Epsom Salt, baking soda, sea salt, a coloring agent)
  • A variety of essential oils for each chakra
  • Bottles to store oil blends -- roller bottles or colored glass are best
  • A variety of loose herbs or spices for each chakra
  • Charcoal Disks or other means of burning loose incense
  • Access to a grocery store
  • Art supplies of your choice
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Chakras 102-108
  • Magickal Aromatherapy
  • Herbalism 101
  • Thalassotherapy 101
  • Correspondence of Spellcrafting 104