This course is designed to show you how to make a Book of Shadows. We will be exploring three different ways to create paper, covers, and binding. When you are finished you will have a Hand Made Book to use for the future.

This course has space for Unlimited students
Trish Pittman - Teacher

To enroll, contact:      Trish Pittman at

Items Needed:

  • Access to crafting supplies
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Creating a Book of Shadows

Learn different ways to create your own magickal inks and quills. Also learn to understand the reasons for different inks and how to make premade inks magickal.

 This Class Has Space for Unlimited Students 

To Enroll in this class please contact Trish Pittman at 



Items Needed

  • a feather

  • scissors or sharp knife

  • store bought ink

  • access to berries, vegetables, flowers and nuts

  • access to herbs

  • access to essential oils

  • Parchment or paper

  • camera or a way to take pictures


Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation

  • Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101

In this course you will learn the basics of crafting with intention, or magickally. There are a few simple crafts in this course that will give you the basic understanding of magickal crafting to implement in the rest of the series.   

This Class Has Space for Unlimited Students
To enroll, please contact Mary H. at

Items Needed:

  • Basic crafting supplies
  • Basic ritual tools
  • Access to herbs, oils, and gemstones
  • Ability to send photos

Certificates Needed:
Spells100 (Introduction to Spells)