In this introductory class, we will be discussing the basics of planetary magick! We will learn what it is and what it isn't, the history behind planetary thought, and meeting each of the seven classical planets.

This class has space for UNLIMITED students.

For enrollment, please contact Sabrina Husseini at

Items Needed:

  • Crafting Supplies
  • Access to YouTube

Certificates Needed:


This class gives you the basics of Color Magick. We will be working with color charts, exploring the world of color and personality, healing with color, and colored candles. You will be making a candle for this class.

This class has Unlimited Space 

For class enrollment, please contact Mary Hebda at


Item(s) Needed:

  • Candles Making Materials of your choice
  • Ability to watch YouTube
  • Color Chart from Correspondence Series
  • Color Chart from Chromotherapy Series
Certificate(s) Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Correspondence of Spellcasting 101
  • Chromotherapy 101
  • Spells 
  • Candle Magick 101

Learn to add cords and knots to your own magickal practice. We discuss some of the histories, uses, and more in this course. 

This Class Has Space for Unlimited Students

To join this class, contact Obsidian Moondragon at

Items Needed: (These are just suggestions and can be purchased during the class)

  • Ribbon, cording, or string
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Feathers, trinkets, charms
  • Glue
  • Basic ritual tools
  • a way to take pictures

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation
  • Spells 

In this course, you will be learning advanced protection magick techniques. We will be working with meditations, spells, and rituals to increase personal protection.

Coming Soon!

To join this class, please contact Dannielle Johnson at

Items Needed:   

To be determined

Certificates Needed: 
To be determined

In this class, we will be discussing and learning about Chaos Magick as well as how to create sigils and use them. We will be learning different ways to create sigils and different ways to use sigils in your practice.

This class has Unlimited Space 
Teacher: Obsidian Moondragon

For class enrollment, please contact: Obsidian at 

Items Needed:

  • Notebook, drawing book, pencils, pens, markers.
  • Camera to take pictures of your sigils.
  • White candle
  • Ruler
  • Various Basic Art Supplies
  • Journal

  • Certificate(s) Needed:

  • Orientation

In this course, you will learn the basics of sound and music magick. You will learn to connect with them in their most natural forms, as well as understanding how to turn mundane musical sounds, words and just sounds into magickal ones. 

You will be using general observation skills, spending time in nature (or your surroundings, if you live in the city), you will communicate with your own essence, craft, do lots of listening, journaling, meditating and do some question answering.

This class has space for 10 students.

To enroll in this class, contact Bell Dragonfly 


Items Needed:

  • Ability to hear and watch Youtube
  • A journal (physical or digital)
  • Craft items of choice (it's OK to start without them and pick them accordingly afterwards). 

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation 

For this class, we will be looking at using your Tarot cards for spell work.

This class has Space for 0 Students

To join this class please contact Willow Solstice at

Items Needed:

  • A deck of Tarot cards that are NOT used for divination
  • A printer and paper
  • A scanner (optional)
  • Ink and quills (or pens)
  • Basic ritual tools
  • Smudge sticks

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation
  • Creating Your Own Rituals
  • Tarot 201