This class gives you the basics of Color Magick. We will be working with color charts and further exploring the use of color, as it relates to personality and its' uses in healing.  We will also be making candles, touching upon color use in candle magick.

This class is currently closed for rewrites
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Items Needed:

  • Candles Making Materials of your choice
  • Ability to watch YouTube
  • Color Chart from Correspondence Series
  • Color Chart from Chromotherapy Series

Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Correspondence of Spellcasting 101
  • Chromotherapy 102
  • Spells 100
  • Candle Magick 101

Welcome to Magickal Dance! In this series you will learn about music and dance evoking emotions, how to incorporate music and dance into your personal practice and how to choreograph your own dances for specific spells, esbats, and sabbats!

In this introduction, you will learn the basics of music: tempo, chords, instrumentation, and lyrics. You will also learn how facial expressions and body movements change depending on what emotion you are trying to portray. You will also be watching multiple dance videos and analyzing them based on what you have learned!

This class has space for unlimited students
To enroll, please contact Ashley Wilson at

Items Needed:
  • Access to YouTube
  • Access to a music streaming service where you can create playlists

Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Plagiarism Workshop

In this course, you will be learning advanced protection magick techniques. We will be working with meditations, spells, and rituals to increase personal protection.

Coming Soon!

To join the waiting list, please contact Dannielle Johnson at

Items Needed:   
To be determined

Certificates Needed: 
To be determined

In this class, we will be discussing and learning about Chaos Magick as well as how to create sigils and use them. We will be learning different ways to create sigils and different ways to use sigils in your practice.

This class has unlimited space
To enroll, please contact Luna at

Items Needed:
  • Notebook, drawing book, pencils, pens, markers.
  • Camera to take pictures of your sigils.
  • White candle
  • Ruler
  • Basic Art Supplies
  • Journal

Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Plagiarism Workshop
  • Correspondence of Spellcrafting 102
  • Spells

For this class, we will be looking at using your Tarot cards for spell work.

This class is currently closed for rewrites!

To join the waiting list, please contact Dannielle at

Items Needed:
  • A deck of Tarot cards 
  • A printer and paper
  • A scanner (optional)
  • Ink and quills (or pens)
  • Basic ritual tools
  • Incense
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Rituals102
  • Tarot 201