Welcome to the Tree Magick Series! Over the course of this series, you will become closely familiar with the mundane and magickal attributes and wonder that trees bring to your practice.

In this introductory course to the Tree Magick Series, you will explore your local tree landscape, learn about mythical trees and their lore as well as dig deep into the research about three specific species of trees: Oak, Ash, and Yew.

You will have the opportunity for research, hands-on practical work with the medicinal and magickal components of trees as well as creatively adding to your Book of Shadows.

This course has unlimited space for students
To enroll, please contact Bethaney D at tmcsbethaney@gmail.com

Items Needed:
  • Ability to Take Photos
  • Various Crafting Supplies
  • Access to Outdoor Spaces for meditation and exploration
  • Your Book of Shadow
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Plagiarism Workshop
  • Herbalism 101