Welcome to the Herb Rack Series! In this series, you will learn about the culinary, magickal, and medicinal properties of 24 herbs separated over six classes to give each herb the proper amount of time to work with. There are also two courses covering non edible spices and poisonous herbs.

In this introduction course, you will learn about the history of herbal use, go over what herbs are included in the series, work with one herb of your choice, and create, or refurbish, your BOS to get prepared for the series!

This class has space for unlimited students.
To enroll, please contact Ashley Wilson at tmcs.ashley@gmail.com

Items Needed:
  • An herb of your choice (to be determined in class)
  • Your BOS/Grimoire/CBoS/Materia Medica/Etc.
  • Basic crafting supplies to make BOS pages
  • A camera or a way to take and upload pictures
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Herbalism 101: Intro to the Study of Herbs
  • Spells
  • Plagiarism Workshop