In the first course of the Journey with Gemstones series, we are going to be learning the basics about gemstones. Where they come from, the various shapes, colors, and systems of gems. We will also discuss cleansing, consecrating, storage, and learn about some basic crystals and how to help identify mislabeled stones. 

This class has room for unlimited students

For class enrollment, please contact Jacquie at

Items Needed:

  • Basic ritual items (incense, candles, lighters, elemental representations, deity representations)
  • Storage space for crystals (silk bag, dedicated jewelry box, a shadow box with shelves, etc)
  • At least 3 different gemstones of your choice, must be different crystals and you can have them be various shapes such as heart, diamond, square, or even an animal.
  • Item of choice for cleansing (water, dirt, incense, bell, music, salt, brown rice, Herbal holy water) 
  • way to take pictures
  • 3 different types of salt (iodized, sea salt, etc)
  • 3 different types of water (bottled, distilled, tap, etc)
  • clean, clear container

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation

In the second course of the series, we are going to expand upon what we have learned in the first lesson and look more at the metaphysical properties of our crystals and other various correspondences. We will also learn a way to connect to our crystals and create a dream pillow for your crystals. 

This class has space for unlimited students

For class enrollment, please contact Jacquie at 

Items needed:

  • 3 more crystals that are different than the crystals from Gems 101 (I have saved notes on the original crystals you wrote about so make sure they are 3 different crystals)
  • Basic crafting supplies
  • Basic ritual supplies
  • At least one gemstone of choice to represent each of the four elements.
  • Shoebox
  • Scene accessories
  • Square of fabric, scrap fabric, thread, stuffing for pillow or pillow to add a pocket to it. Your choice and this can be purchased during the course.

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation
  • Journey with Gemstones 101

In this course, we will be learning about crystal grids and how they can enhance your spell work. You will be making and creating several different grids over the course of this class.


This class is currently closed for rewrites!

Items Needed:
  • Printer
  • Camera
  • Various Gemstones (4-5 copies of each stone is required, you can also use tumbled stones or chips) Here are some suggestions. You can decide on what crystals you wish to purchase though as you progress through the course.
    • Clear Quartz
    • Amethyst
    • Tiger's Eye
    • Rose Quartz
    • Hematite
    • Smoky Quartz
    • Citrine
  • Various herbs, feathers, pictures that you may want to use to embellish your Crystal Grids (these are optional but may be used per personal preference)
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Cleansing Methods 101