Welcome to the Magickal Circle School's Social Circle!  In this area, you will find rooms for all the clubs and activity programs.  We encourage you to join our magickal community and strive to make it something that you love.   

To join, find the self-enroll option to join the room.  

Welcome to the Aromatherapy Club!  

Welcome to the Book of Shadows Club!  

Welcome to the Crafting Club!  

Welcome to the Crystal and Gems Club!  

Welcome to the Divination Club!  

Are you an amateur or master when it comes to gardening, do you have a limited or a considerable amount of space to plant, do you want to educate yourself more or share the knowledge you have within you? Then you have found the club for you! Here in the Gardening Club, we discuss every perspective there is within the gardening world.

Welcome to the Kitchen Witchery Club!

Kitchen Witchery is a project-based club where we discuss and use common household ingredients and items to make a little magick in our own kitchens. Join us for "theme of the month" studies and projects, share your recipes, and learn how to increase the magick when you clean your home or prepare your foods and beverages. 

Welcome to the Photography Club!  

Welcome to the Witchy Weight Loss Club!  

A place where students from the school can get together and have the support they need to lose their weight and to share ideas and tips with others.

Witchy Weight Loss Club

Host: Barb Day