Welcome to the Teaching Staff Offices! Click on the "i" for more information for each office including the teacher it is for.  You can self-enroll to join the room. Once you join, you will have access to that teacher's information, you can participate in the discussion forums, and attend one-on-one or class study sessions. 

Welcome one and all to my magickal coffee lounge! Come join me with a hot cup of coffee and have a chat!

Welcome!  This is Dannielle's office common room.  Come on in and get to know me, my classes, my degree program, and your fellow classmates! 

Welcome to Luna's Office! Come in and meet your classmates, find my class lists and schedules, and keep up on any important announcements. 

Welcome to my Hallowed Hearth! Come on in, get comfortable and introduce yourself! This is the place to keep up on any of my schedule, school activities and even get a peek at my degree program.