This course will teach you the art of Dice Reading. Dice reading is a form of divination and comes in handy when you don't want to whip out the tarot cards.

This course has space for Unlimited students

To join this class, please email Jacquie at

Items Needed:

  • Three six-sided dice (3 regular die)
  • Chalk

Certificates Needed:

  • Orientation

In this class we will be learning how to use crystal balls as well as the proper care and storage of your scrying equipment.

This course has space for Unlimited students
To enroll, please email Jacquie V at

Items Needed:

  • A crystal ball
  • 3 Friends

Certificates Needed:

A fun Fortune Telling class to learn how to perform divination in the Romany fashion. This type of divination is easy to learn using common, easy to obtain items such as sticks, stones, knives, and needles.

This class has space for unlimited

To join this class, you should contact Jacquie V at

Items Needed:

  • Seven sticks
    • They are usually cut from the hedgerow and are nothing special other than being more or less straight. Four of the sticks should be longer than the other three. It is suggested that three are about nine-inches in length and the four at about twelve-inches in length. One of the twelve-inch ones should be much thicker than the others.
  • Two small round stones, somewhere between the size of an acorn and a walnut.
    • One should be white or light in color and the other black or dark in color, and they both should be of approximately the same shape and size.
  • A round wooden bread board, about twelve inches in diameter. (cardboard can work too)
  • A kitchen knife
  • Twenty-one new needles
  • A plate
  • 9-inches red silk thread

You must provide Certificate of Completion for:

  • Orientation Certificate

In this class we will be discussing the art of tea leaf reading. We will be exploring the different symbols and the proper way to perform this divination method.

This course has space for 10 students
To enroll, please contact Jacquie at

Items Needed:
  • One tea cup, either white or very light in color
  • One saucer
  • A tea pot and kettle
  • Loose Tea Leaves
  • A teaspoon
  • 3 friends
Certificates Needed:
  • Orientation
  • Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101