A brief overview of the Patchwork Healer's Craft Degree Program.

Introduction Course will be opened sometime after the necessary course writes are finished. A date will be announced when it is nearing completion. Program application, requirements, an overview, a look inside each degree, and some other odds & ends (FAQs) can be found here. 

**Certificates and  Items Needed at each level are subject to change due to course writes and rewrites.**

This is the first class in the Patchwork Healer's Craft Degree Program. The program focuses on the healing and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit of ourselves, others, and the world around us. This is an intensely focused program designed to help you develop a healing craft that fits with your own path. 

The Introduction works towards developing an understanding of what it means to be on a healing path and a solid foundation of the building blocks of healing.   The corequisite classes will be used to enhance our work. You will make an examination of your current beliefs and practices and how they can be integrated into this path. We will do a variety of work including hands-on, research, and journaling. This class is set up on a 12-month outline but may take less or more time depending on your own personal pace. 

Currently Being Written!

For enrollment, please contact Luna Maris at tmcsluna@gmail.com

Items Needed: 
  • TBD

Certificates Required: 

  • Orientation
  • Pagan Terminology OR Hall Pass from Entrance Exam (not O103 certificate)
  • History of Witchcraft OR 1700  word Essay on the History of  Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism ((500 words each for Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft and 200 words explaining the differences)
  • Introduction to Rituals
  • Introduction to Spells
  • Program Application with 500-word Essay explaining your interest in this program


  • Creating a Book Of Shadows
  • Herbalism101: Intro to the Study of Herbs
  • Moon Magick 100: Introduction
  • Standing in the Sun: Introduction to Sun Magick
  • Correspondence of Spellcrafting Series
  • Basic Elements Series
  • Wheel of the Year: Introduction
  • Cleansing Methods 101
  • Reiki: Introduction
  • Chakras 101: Introduction
  • Journeys with Gems 101 – Gemstone Magick
  • Symbolism
  • 1 God Studies Course
  • 1 Goddess Studies Course
  • Spiritual Guides