Welcome to the Sacred Grove! 

In this Information Room, you will find a brief overview of the Sacred Grove Witchcraft Degree Program and each degree level. 

The Sacred Grove Witchcraft Introduction class is designed to take you through some basic information and assignments that are focused on Self-Work including understanding both our Inner Child and Shadow Self on our path to Personal, Psychic, and Spiritual Development.

It is my contention that you need to know yourself in order to understand how magick unfolds in your practice. This is the common thread woven throughout the entire degree program. We will work to increase your intuitive and spiritual powers as you develop your working knowledge of natural witchcraft.

This is a class about YOU on a journey to discover YOUR magickal path.

Opening Soon!

Certificates Needed:
  • Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101
  • Creating a Book of Shadows
  • Ethics
  • Meditation
  • Moon Magick: Introduction
  • Protection Magick
  • Orientation

Items Needed:
  • Choice of divination tools
  • General art and crafting supplies
  • General Kitchen supplies (ie- bowl, knife, spoon, pot, stove)
  • Kitchen or foraged herbs/spices/plants
  • White candles
  • Book of Shadows