A brief overview of the Path of the Triple Moon Degree Program

Introduction Course is set to be opened in sometime after the necessary course writes are finished. Classes that need to be take during each Degree are subject to change due to course rewrites.

This is the introduction to the Path of the Triple Moon Degree Program. It is similar to the Wiccan Year and a Day program but is not on a set timeline so that you may work through it at your own pace. With this degree when you request to join it you do not need to list the materials needed, but you do need the supplies to be able to do certain sections. 

This Class has Unlimited Seats.

For enrollment, please contact Dawn Cates at  tmcs.dawn@gmail.com

Materials Needed: 

  • 4- 1oz bottles with dropper (dark-colored)

  • Bergamot essential oil 5ml

  • Chamomile essential oil 5ml

  • Cinnamon essential oil 5ml

  • Clove essential oil 5ml

  • Lavender essential oil 5ml

  • Mugwort essential oil 5ml

  • Myrrh essential oil 5ml

  • Pine essential oil 5ml

  • Rosemary essential oil 5 ml

  • Sage essential oil 5ml

  • Sandalwood essential oil 5ml

  • Sunflower Oil (or another carrier oil)

  • 4 small clear quartz point (will need to fit into a small bottle)

  • Frankincense incense

  • Lotus incense

  • Mugwort incense

  • Myrrh incense

  • Rose Incense

  • 1 White pillar candle for the Goddess

  • 1 Gold pillar candle for the God

  • 2 Orange votive candles

  • 3 Green votive candles 

  • 2 Indigo votive  candles 

  • 3 white votive candles 

  • 4 yellow votive candle 

  • 4 Red votive  candle 

  • 3 black votive  candles

  • 1 Blue Votive candle

  • At least 4 votive candle holders and 2 pillar candle holders

  • Bouquet of fresh flowers

  • Home-cooked meal of your choice

  •  Crafting supplies for projects

  •  Book of Shadows

  • A simple journal or notebook

  • Dish of Sea or Kosher salt

  • Bowl of water

  • Sage stick and shell or fire safe dish

  • Athame

  • Wand

  • Chalice

  • Pentacle

  • Your choice of sweet cake (muffins, scones, cakes, cookies) 

  • Your choice of ale (wine, tea, juice)

  • Empty small libation bowl

  • Various Craft Supplies

  • Items for an Earth Altar

  • Items to make a Water Altar

  • Items for a Fire Altar

  • Items to make an Air altar

Certificates needed: 

  • Orientation

  • Creating a Book of Shadows

  • Meditation 101

  • Wicca: The Basics 

  •  Introduction to Rituals

  • Pagan Terminology or if you have been with the school for 2 or more years a 1700 (500 words each for Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft with 200 words explaining the differences) word Essay on the History of  Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism

  • History of Witchcraft (if Pagan Terminology Certificate is after April 1, 2020) 

  • 500-word essay on why you are interested in the Path of the Triple Moon Degree Program

  • The Path of the Triple Moon Degree Program Application (To be included with enrollment email)


    Student's Name:

    Student's Email Address:

    Student's Student Lounge Username:


Courses You will be taking while in the Wicca Degree Program:

  • Altars and Shrines

  • Triple Gods - Introduction

  • Triple Goddesses- Introduction

  • Basic Elements Series* (101 - 105)

  • Moon Musings: Working With and Understanding the Moon

  • Standing in the Sun: Introduction to Sun Magick

  • Magickal Tools for Beginners 

  • Faerie Realm 101

  •  Cleansing and Consecration

This class is part of the Path of the Triple Moon degree which is to be taken along with the other parts. You can start this class as soon as you are accepted into the Path of the Triple Moon: Introduction First Degree course. This class will take time, you might get through it in one year or it could take you two that is all up to you and how much you work on it. In this class, you are working with the energies of the 12 months as you move through the year. There are a lot of hands-on activities in the class which will vary according to which activities you decide to do. 

In the process of being written


  • Orientation
  • Must be in one of the Path of the Triple Moon degree courses