This is a course for parents to take along with their children to help them introduce their spiritual path. All assignments can be altered to suit your child's needs and age level. This course is appropriate for children ages 4-16. 

The children do not need to set up their own account; all assignments will be handed in on the parent's account. This class does not count towards your three class limit.

This class has unlimited space for students
To enroll, please contact Amber Mackenzie at

Items Needed:
  • Textbook: Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk ISBN: 0553378058.
  • Various crafting items
  • Access to one of the following movies: Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Nanny McPhee, or Practical Magic
Parents must provide Certificates of Completion for:
  • Orientation