The Ritual Room is where our school rituals and ritual chats take place.  Copies of the rituals are available to pick up here to perform on your own as needed.

Join us for rituals and enjoy the energy created by working together as a community.

This is the room in which you will learn about the school's rules and policies as well as basic information about our school.

The Lecture Hall is where you can watch YouTube videos that contain lectures given by the teacher of a class.  Some of the lectures are part of classes, others are simply set up to help you in understanding certain aspects of the spiritual journey you are on.

In the Lecture Hall, there is a forum that you can request topics you would like to have a lecture done on.  You will need to have an account set up to be able to request lectures.

These lectures are always available for you to listen to at any time.  Some people find that they absorb information easier when they hear it rather than read it, so we try to give multiple ways to obtain information in classes.

Welcome to the TMCS Magickal Moments Podcast, this is where we have the school's podcast.  You can listen and watch the current and old podcasts here!  Also, you can join the Podcast team, request segments, and ask questions.

The Meditation Center is where you can find numerous guided meditations.  A guided meditation simply leads you through the meditation and each meditation has a specific goal.  Some meditations are used in specific classes, other meditations are written by students.

The Meditation Center is always open, and you can access any of the school's meditations at any time to use and enjoy.

This is a room where you can find all of the school's chatrooms.  The MIT's and Mentor's Offices, Study Halls, Mentoring Sessions, Open Chats, Club Meeting Hall, and information about the clubs can all be found in this room.

Check the school's calendar for dates and times!

This room contains inspirational music and videos put together by students and staff.

This is the home of the Magickal Circle Newsletter - The Witches Hollow. 

Included are details on what the newsletter is all about, how to contribute, and how to become a member of the Newsletter Club or Editorial Staff. 

Here, you can find the latest newsletters available to purchase, as well as all of the archived copies of previous months. 

Welcome to the Magickal Circle School - TMCS school store!

**Currently under construction**

All proceeds from the sale of our items are used to keep the school FREE and running properly.